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Experiences worth trying should try when going to the beach in Hua Hin
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Hua Hin is located about 200 km from Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. This destination owns the top beautiful beaches in Thailand, is a favorite resort of the royal, the upper class and many tourists. The beach here is characterized by a stretching white sand, which is not crowded like the one in Pattaya and Phuket … Here are suggestions for Hua Hin beach trip.

Beautiful beaches

Hua Hin has many beautiful beaches to visit and relax. The main beach is located in the city center with 4 km of white sandy coastline. If you love privacy, you can choose Suan Son beach in the south of the city.

Activities at sea

Not only bathing, tourists here can participate in games such as windsurfing, paragliding and canoeing. It also offers horses for guests to visit the stretching white sand beaches. Annually in June, Hua Hin Jazz Festival will take place at the beach. This destination also has other attractions such as the European street simulation area, Wat Huay Mongkol temple, Pala U waterfall or nearby Khao Sam Roi Yot national park.

Things to buy at the beach

Guests can rent umbrellas, tables and buy snacks at the street vendors. Delicious street foods here include grilled tiger prawns, grilled squid, fried crab in batter … Some street vendors also provide massage services, souvenirs and personal belongings.

Items should bring

Sunscreen, drinking water and a bath towel are the three items you should bring with you to the beach. In addition, visitors can bring extra umbrellas and picnic towels to sit on the sandy shore. Here, locals also have rental services for umbrellas, tables and chairs. However, Hua Hin does not have a public bath so visitors will have to return to the hotel to take a bath before participating in other activities on the trip.
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