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Exploring the marvelous Dark Cave- Where the conquests begin
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Exploring the marvelous Dark Cave- Where the conquests begin
Being well known for the incredible caves and the biodiversity, Phong Nha Ke Bang always become a highlight of tourist trip.Among those, The marvelous Dark Cave is not simply a natural cave which brings amazing scences.The double zipline, adventurous water games, kayking over the Chay river and the only Mud bath inside the cave take tourists to every single supprises.For sure, the cave is a pecfect place for relaxing and experiencing gift of the Creator gives.
Dark Cave’s location

The Marvelous Dark Cave
Dark Cave is located in the center of Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh province.From the northwest of Dong Hoi city for about 50 km, the location is nearby the highway leads to other caves.
This, therefore, is very convinient for tourists to get to Dark Cave by our reliable mortobike rental.Especially, with the support of professional tour guide, you will have the best time in Dark Cave.
Dark Cave - a special name
Dark Cave was discovered in 1990 and soon later punlished as a tourist destination. The Cave’s size supperise tourists with the length of 5,258m, width of 50 m, height of 80m and two separated entrances in front and back.Unlike other caves whiches decorated by colorful artificial lights, there is nothing tourists can see but darkness.Therefore, before getting to the cave, visitors must take a helmet with flashlight to get inside.
Amazing structures and uniques inside Dark Cave
Forming milions years ago in a limstone area, like other caves, Dark Cave has various beautiful stalagmites and massive underground stones.Crossing the small lakes and slippery paths give tourist ạn adventurous emotion discovering the marvelous castle.
The cave is aslo a home of many animal such as: bats, fishes, swallow and Vooc languor on the primate species in Vietnam’s Red List.Tourists can see the fossils of the acient animals like : fishes and seashells when the cave was still covered by seawater.
What to do in Dark Cave?
Dark Cave will not let visitors down in terms of activities.So many entertaining activities you can do here:
From the conservative station to Chay River, tourist have the experience taking zipline which is the longest one in Viet Nam with 400 meter to the entrance.
Aslo, a shorter zipline is ready for you to get to the mid of Chay river.Jumping down from a high point and immersing in the cool water.
2.Taking the mud bath.

Amazing mud bath
Going deep inside Dark Cave for more than 1km, visitors will experience the mudbath which is good for your health especillay the skin. The natural mud bath is the unique activity attracting tourist to came and enjoy .
3.Kayaking and swimming.

Taking kayak to the entrance of Dark Cave is also a good choice for travelers. Drifting along the river is a good way to exlpore the nature.Beside, immesing into cool blue water to feel the river give tourists unforgetable time with others.
Available tours in Dark Cave
1.The normal tour.
It is unnecessary for travelers to book the tickets in advance.You can get there and buy a ticket in ticket office and then follow the guidance of Dark Cave’s staffs.
After finishing the discovery, Dark Cave’s restaurant is await for the dilicious local foods.Tourist can aslo choose the drink or have a warm rice wine inside.
You should bring along the gopro, swimming suit and towels.Aslo, all the unnecessary things is not allowed to bring to inside the cave.Therefore, put it in a small box and lock it are the best idea for you.
2.6 km path into the dark cave tour

Exporing 6km inside the cave
This is a special and unique tour which is managed by the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center. The tourists will start trekking at km 18, West Ho Chi Minh trail, and then they trek through the jungle. Following by swim in E Cave, and going through the Sky Gate as well as wading the muddy underground river. Through the narrow gap between rocks, the stream is what they will experience. Finally, they reach the campsite.
Besides, on the way from Hue to Phong Nha, passengers are able to visit historical DMZ Vietnam to understand about Vietnam history. And a deluxe private car from Hue to Phong Nha is very convenient for travelers to visit more places.
Or newbielink:http://Http://Huehoianprivatecar.com [nonactive]
AD: 35 Chu Van An, Hue


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