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Tips to help you pack your luggage to help keep costs down
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With just enough supplies, you will save money and not worry about losing your luggage. According to US travel expert Rick Seaney, as long as you follow the tips below on how to pack hand luggage, you may not need checked baggage even when traveling to Europe.

Hand tools are usually free of charge

One reason to always choose to bring your hand luggage is free. To avoid penalties for being oversized or overweight, check carefully the rules of each airline on their own website. Please pay attention to this because many people are assured that their items are portable due to being light, but must be checked in because the suitcase size is too bulky compared to the standard.

If you have to deposit, buy the cheapest package

Many small airlines will charge you a deposit for size, depending on the time you buy. For example, the price of buying hand luggage will be the cheapest when you buy at the same time book. The purchase price will then be more expensive, and the most expensive is at the airport, or at the security checkpoint.

Let your device be versatile

Take advantage of every feature of your phone: it’s a phone, a library, a flashlight, a camera, a television, a diary … If you want to put more items in your pocket, first ask yourself: can the phone be replaced? The answer is “yes” then you should boldly leave the item at home.

Leave most of your clothes at home

Unless you are the bride, no one really cares what you wear. So leave most of your clothes at home. You only need to bring pants that can combine with many types of shirts, and note that denim is always heavier than khaki or cotton.

With shoes, you should bring only two pairs: a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals; Wear heavier things like coats, pants, sneakers, instead of leaving them in your luggage.

Take pictures of your bag or suitcase before sending your luggage

Taking a picture of the bag will be beneficial in the event of loss or damage. At that time, you only need to provide photos of your personal belongings to the airline for identification, or make a record when something goes wrong.

Bring a snack

Food in the airport is always expensive 2-3 times the normal price. Therefore, you can bring a snack, a bottle of water … to save money. Note, you can only carry the empty bottle through the security door, but there are always free drinking fountains in the boarding room.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, please see more at http://www.vietnamluxurytours.net/tips-to-help-you-pack-your-luggage-to-help-keep-costs-down/
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