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Sapa Tours – Conquering Fansipan – The Rooftop of Indochina
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Fansipan with its an impressive 3,134m in height is not only the highest mountain in Vietnam but also in the Indochina region. So it earns itself the nickname “The Rooftop of Indochina”. This peak has another name that is “Hua Xi Pan” – means “giant unstable rock”. Travelers often choose Tour Sapa Fansipan to explore this peak. Additionally, Fansipan is also a part of the Hoang Lien Son Range in the Northwest of Vietnam. With the Sapa Fansipan tour, we are sure that you will get lots of amazing and unforgettable experiences.

It is advised to stay off climbing the Fansipan during the rainy season. Slippery roads, heavy fog and enhanced coldness will make your journey harder. The fog will also obscure Fansipan majestic nature views, further diminish your enjoyment. Therefore, the best time of the year for  Tour Sapa Fansipan is between October and April, especially in October and November, in which the rainy season just ends or February and March, which is before the rainy season.

Fansipan is among the higher difficulty of Vietnam mountains to conquer, so make sure that you are physically fit. To get to Fansipan, from the starting point in Hanoi, you can ride either the overnight train or the bus to Lao Chi. Then, you will need to take a car ride to get to Sapa. Finally, one more ride from Sapa to where you can begin your journey. We hope that you will enjoy totally this awesome Sapa Fansipan tour.

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