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Things to do when losing a passport abroad
« vào: Tháng Chín 27, 2019, 11:05:09 AM »
Reporting to the authorities, preparing the necessary documents to apply for a passport is what you should do when losing your passport.

Passport is one of the most important papers when traveling. If you accidentally lost your passport, you should do the following:

Report to the authorities

Crooks can take advantage of your passport while abroad. To protect your personal information, report it to the appropriate authorities such as the local police or Vietnamese consulate to confirm the loss of your passport.

First, prepare personal documents that contain personal information such as ID cards, identification cards or air tickets. You can also apply for a booking confirmation form at the hotel you are staying at. Then contact the local police to complete the passport verification procedure.

After being granted the confirmation, you can go to the nearest Vietnamese consulate or embassy for assistance with the procedures for issuing laissez-passers or temporary passports.

Necessary documents

To issue a temporary passport or passport, you need to prepare: 2 4×6 photos, confirmation of the passport of the local police, proof of Vietnamese nationality such as ID card, air ticket, confirmation Hotel reservation or immigration declaration. When you have all of the above documents, you will be issued a travel document back to Vietnam by the consulate or Vietnamese embassy. In case you continue traveling to another country, you will be issued a temporary passport.

Visas to other countries will not be valid when you lose your passport and you need to apply again if you want to enter the next time.

Contact family

If you are traveling on your own and do not bring your ID card, try to contact your family and relatives. You can ask them to take photo identification documents such as ID card, driver’s license … to apply for a temporary passport and passport.

If you go on a tour, you can also present the incident to your guide for timely assistance. When traveling with a group, the procedure to apply for a temporary passport or laissez-passer is simpler. In which conditions required is accompanied by a personal passport and confirm you are a member of the delegation.

Contact the insurance company

When losing your passport or luggage, you should contact the insurance company for instructions on necessary procedures. When you return home, you may receive assistance with the cost of losing your passport.

To avoid trouble, visitors should carefully preserve their passports. Always take your passport with you wherever you go. Avoid holding a passport in two hip or rear pockets, in case an intruder steals your passport.

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