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I decided to plan to travel to Taiwan in the last days of October, this time is autumn, the climate is great and the people here are really friendly. This is my first time visiting Taiwan and I am impressed by many interesting things.
How was my trip? And what do I need to prepare?  I will tell you right here!
1.   Visa
I am from Vietnam so the first thing to prepare is Visa
Results will be available 7 days after you submit your application to the consulate. The cost of making a Taiwanese Visa is about $120 if you have all the documents, otherwise you will have to pay more money for the Visa service to help you.
If you have a Korean Visa, you will be exempted from Taiwan Visa, just apply online, you will have a visa immediately
2.   Ticket
From Vietnam to Taipei there are many flights of many different airlines. I chose to fly Vietjet Air because of the cheap price and the time that suits my schedule
Round trip ticket price is about $130 excluding checked baggage
Flight time from Vietnam (SGN)  to Taipei (TPE) is about 3:25

3.   Foreign currency
You can change the currency in Vietnam first or at TPE airport
I choose to change first in Vietnam at 86 Mac Thi Buoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Rate of 1NTD - 760VND
Note: if you exchange money in Taiwan, they will only receive USD

4.   Sim Card
I bought a sim card at Klook store sim right at the airport
My trip lasted 7 days so I chose to buy an 8-day package for 450NTD (about 340.000VND), free 4G and local call

5.   Time zone
Taiwan is only hour faster than Vietnam so you do not need to worry about jetlag
6.   Transportation
The most popular means of transportation in Taiwan is MRT. So you need to know how to use it.
(Where do you want to go?  which’s color line? Which’s station you go stop…)
Don't worry, the staff at Mrt will support you if you're not good at MRT like me haha

Taipei Main Station is a largest Main Station
It is the station of the MRT,  HSR train, the TRA train, car, bus, and MRT Taoyuan Airport. So you can go anywhere from Taipei Main Station
7.   Hotel
Because I go alone so I choose hostel to save money and near Taipei Main Station
Add: 8f, No. 28號, Guanqian Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Price: 400NTD (about 300.000VND)
8.   Schedule
The first two days I chose the GuanWu tour of Orange Cat Travel
This is information about this tour 8car.com.tw/en/goodseason/275 (Fanpage: 橘子貓包車 TTtrips)
I was able to walk into two large forests  in two high mountains and i could see the cloud everywhere. OMG, the atmosphere was very fresh and the weather was 12 degrees in evening. Its so greattttt. You will see how great it is to see these pictures

After finishing the GuanWu tour, I returned to Tapei City and visited other famous attractions
The 4th day, I spent morning to go to Taipei 101 Tower. This is the place for those who like to shopping. Many brands from high-end to mid-range are concentrated in this area. Evening, I came to Ximending Night Martket. This is a busy market with all items. I absolutely love the spicy beef noodles here, it really impressed me

Don’t forget to try Stinky tofu and milktea. It’s a special food in Taiwan

   The 5th day, I came to Jiufen and Shifen -  two places must go. How to go:
-   Jiufen: From Taipei Main Station, I take a train to Ruifang Station (49NTD), after that I take a bus go to Jiufen (15NTD)
-   Shifen: From Jiufen, I take a bus to Ruifang Station (15NTD), after that I continue take a train to Shifen (19NTD)

The 6th day, I go around enjoy  last day. I drink milktea Tran Tam Dinh (陳三鼎 ) at No. 2, Alley 8, Lane 316, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. My friends in Vietnam recommend me to try milk tea here. Its so good

I did not forget to buy pineapple cake, a famous cake in Taiwan as a gift for my family

The 7th day, I came back to Viet Nam
This is a very special trip. Taiwan is a modern country and friendly. I will come back again

Taiwan Fanpage: 橘子貓包車 TTtrips
Vietnam Fanpage: TTtrips - Cùng bạn khám phá Đài Loan


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