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Halong bay tours from Hanoi of Aroka Travel - Halongbay 2 days tour
« vào: Tháng Ba 13, 2017, 11:48:10 AM »
Halong bay with spacious and well-equipped cruise offering high quality service which can satisfy any difficult tourists.Launch in 2015, Silver  Sea Cruise was designed by the industrial ship designing institute and was inspected by the local Marine Registration Authority and Certified.Silver  Sea Cruise was built to meet seafaring standards. The Vietnamese Marine Authorities certify all materials and equipment used in the construction from the steel, electrical cables and generators. The cruise is fitted with professional marine safety equipment such as VHF radio, GPS plotting, two-way radios, water ingress alarm system, anti-sinking pump system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers.Silver  Sea Cruise features state of the art designed in luxury and safety, boasting 18 spacious private cabins with fully equipped bathrooms and luxury amenities.

Highlights for Silver Sea cruise – luxury Halong Bay 2 days 1 night tour:

Visiting the most amazing areas in Halong Bay
Exploring the Surprising Cave – the biggest cave in Halong Bay with many beautiful stalagmites and stalagtites
Doing kayaking to have the close look on the rock and discovering the secluded beauty of Natural Heritage site
Enjoying cooking demonstration aboard
Getting to know the process of building pearls in the oysters
Sunset party


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